Friday, October 7, 2011

I need to start blogging

Blogging seems fun. I want to do it. I love reading other people's blogs so I figure - why don't I actually write in my own? Probably because I'm afraid this will turn into my xanga from high school which is a MAJOR struggle. MAJOR.

But it's a good idea. It's cool to keep track of your life and to update other people. So I will try.

Life is really awesome. Being married is the coolest thing ever - I highly recommend it. Coming home from work everyday and making dinner is something I never thought I would enjoy. I love it. I try new recipes almost every night and I will try to post pictures and maybe even the recipes! Also, Chris is hot.

Blogging would be easier if we had internet. Haha, I'm at work right now. I keep having to switch from this page to Photoshop ;). Not having internet is kind of awesome though. We just hang out. Last night we made dinner and played board games. Haha I am awful at games but it was really fun.

Chris and I have our first weekend off together starting at 5pm today. I am so so so so so excited. I can't wait to see my husband DURING THE DAY! Haha. But seriously. So. Pumped. We are going to a Georgia Tech game tomorrow with a few of our friends and might go to the mountains for the night! Dream life. 

I work at a Health Care System in the Marketing department as an intern. It's a really fun job and I get to do a lot of design projects for the hospital.

However, I am ready for a real job. I have been applying basically everywhere. In the meantime I will continue to scan invoices and collect my love offering every pay day. lolol. I really do have a good time at work though!

I miss school. Never thought I would. I miss naps between classes and I miss crazy weekends sleeping in tents and going to Marikas. I'm glad that I am out of Kentucky but part of me really misses it! Especially because that's where Chris and I met and fell in loooove.

We had a baby. His name is Bengal. He's a Bengal cat...clever huh? He's the best cat ever. But kind of scary and really hyper. He growls and eats raw chicken. Nbd.

Oh and one last update - I chopped my hair off and dyed it.  I'm still getting used to it but I think it's cute. I miss my long crazy hair but I knew the time had to come.

I just took this picture at work. I'm glad no one walked in - that would have been embarrassing.
Anyway. I should probably get back to work. I will update this blog once a week. Or try. Next post should have pictures of the apartment! And maybe a few wedding pictures...I have them I just haven't posted them yet. Because I don't have internet.

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  1. yay! you're back. I will read your blog if you update it! I love your new hair. Very cute. I'm glad you like being married and trying new recipes :) I miss you being in KY but I understand ;) Good luck getting a real job. It's hard sometimes lol


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